About Us
I am committed to helping you create your dream wedding. I listen to your needs, desires, and brainstorm with you to make the day even more special.

I am here to help bring your ideas to life, not to tell you how your wedding should be.

I have been in the wedding business since 1992.
I am a wedding  planner, decorator, and catering coordinator at a variety of popular wedding sites. I also have a background in art, catering, and decorating, which means I bring increased attention to detail and innovative creativity to my work with clients as well as vendors. 

I have experience working with over 160 couples and know that every bride and groom is unique. I will seek to reflect your personality, lifestyle, family traditions, and spiritual beliefs into your special day.

Gert Harrison
Wedding Planner
I can take care of all your needs, from the cake to the  budget. Let me do the worrying and organizing so you can approach your big day relaxed and free of stress .